We would be pleased to tackle one of your challenges.

In the following we will give you some tricks that will avoid a rude awakening. If you have a specific aim in mind, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are ready to provide you with personal advice 24 hours per day. Whether it is a matter of applying for a permit arranging transport escort or whether it is general advice and regardless of whether you ask it in German, English or French, we shall take care of it..


TRS - Complete service on the road

It begins already in the concept phase and includes the application of preventive quality methods.

In addition to the issuing of permits and escorting of transports, we supply supplementary services. Examples of our supplementary services are the placing of parking prohibition signs, temporary payment of possible repairs to your vehicles in the case of breakdowns en route and express delivery of parts.


direct contact:

TRS - Headquarter Essen

Am Bocklerbaum 29
45307 Essen
Postfach: 13 04 29
Tel:  +49 2 01 - 5 92 83 00
Fax: +49 2 01 - 5 92 84 00

TRS- Branch Bunde
Dollartstraße 4
26831 Bunde

Tel:  +49 49 53 - 92 36 74
Fax: +49 49 53 - 92 36 75